Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF)

Each disc has its own unique specification and function. When combing the different discs we are able to normalize and optimize the body’s functions (muscles, nerve, and the Autonomic System (physiologically). When we can change our physiology and biochemistry for the better, we can be pain free. Currently, there are over 280 discs they can be used to assist the body. The discs are made of carbonized metal and with that it releases the frequencies stored in them. Our body already naturally function with these frequencies: the discs only amplify their productivity. The body can then use them to work normally again, gain strength and/or becomes normalized. There are no substance that are contained and/or released into the body from the discs.

When you have your discs, they must be kept separate in anti-static bags provided. This helps the discs preserve their frequency and also effect. When going into areas that have scanners, like the airport, this can neutralize the discs if not in an anti-static bag. We provide you with bags during consultation to take home with. But we ask that you bring the bags you have been given to take new discs home with you.

The discs are:

· Non-invasive
· Made of carbonized metal
· Skin-friendly antibacterial 3M tape on the back
· CE & TGA registered and FDA licensed
· Over 180 different discs
· All with unique frequencies
· No chemical substances released
· Does not contain organic substances

Works up to 72 hours

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