as a sports medicine facility, we focus on prevention, recovery and rehabilitation. our goal is to help all athletes, kids, and general population get back to doing what they love, whether it is in sports, recreation or day to day activities.


Dr. Emeka Aludogbu

Dr. Emeka Aludogbu, DC., CCN., CSCS

Dr. Emeka Aludogbu (as some refer to him as Dr. Emeka or Dr. E) enjoys working in the sports medicine and being a health educator actively practicing in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Emeka has an extensive knowledge of sports medicine, recovery and performance and he has been highly sought after for his passionate work and innovative thinking. In 2016, Dr. Emeka was chosen to accompany the African Federation of Nigeria on several occasions as the sports medicine doctor. First was at the 2016 African Games in Durban, South Africa where he had 16 athletes under his care. Next was at the 2016 Nigerian Olympic Trials in Nigeria where he cared for 26 athletes. Dr. Emeka then became the first chiropractor to be selected by the Nigerian Olympic Track and Field African Federation to be the Sports Medicine Doctor for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was even before he graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Emeka has since traveled with and provided treatment for many professional athletes including those of the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Great Britain’s Olympic Track and Field Team (British Athletics), and for The Eagles in Super Bowl 52. Dr. Emeka specializes in treating patients with sports injuries, optimizing their recovery, and assisting patients with managing chronic conditions. Dr. Emeka acts as a health and wellness educator speaking at University events, locally and internationally. Dr. Emeka is also actively researching the latest, innovative, and up-to-date forms of helping the body heal.

Dr. Emeka has teamed up with other local medical doctors in the Dallas area to offer patients the most advanced and cutting-edge regenerative medicine options research has to offer and helping patient manage their pain with his unique approach in soft tissue treatments.

Dr. Emeka is a Nigerian native who moved to Houston, TX as a child and grew up in Long Beach, CA where he finished his schooling. Dr. Emeka currently resides in Dallas, TX and is a proud father to his 13-year-old. He enjoys practicing Jiu Jitsu and actively participates in competitions.

Whether helping high level athletes with injury prevent, recovery or to perform at their optimum level or working with patients in chronic pain to regain their health and live life on their own terms again, Dr. Emeka finds great satisfaction in helping patients from all walks of life achieve their goals.

Dr. Rudy Herrera

Dr. Rudy Herrera, M.D.

Dr. Herrera is an ACGME fellowship trained, triple boarded in family medicine, sports medicine, certified interventional pain management physician. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. His residency occurred at the highly competitive Family Medicine program at John Peter Smith (JPS) Health Network in Fort Worth. Following residency Dr. Herrera was one of four selected into the Sports Medicine Fellowship program at JPS Health Network.

Dr. Herrera specializes in regenerative medicine, the evaluation, treatment and prevention of complex pain syndromes: Osteoarthritis, Back and Neck pain, Cancer pain, Pelvic and Abdominal pain, Chronic pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Neuropathic pain, Shingles, sports related injuries. Services include: regenerative medicine, implantable pain devices, trigger point injections, multifaceted medication management and titration, spinal injection, and nerve blocks.

Dr. Rudy is known for his compassionate and holistic approach to pain management. If Dr. Rudy is not working he is spending time with his family as his greatest passion besides regenerative medicine is being a father. Exercise is his passion. He achieves his goal to be physically fit by training for ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons or century bike rides. Community involvement is something he values. This is evidenced by his participation in several school physicals and inner city school career fairs. Annually he serves as medical director for his church’s health fair. Dr. Herrera’s goal is to provide quality, compassionate individualized health care using advanced regenerative medicine techniques.

He strives to treat patients as family.

Michelle Newton

Michelle Newton, R.N., RNFA., FNP., APRN-BC

Michelle Newton is a Family Nurse Practitioner and writer that promotes wholistic healing and wellness for patients of all ages. She believes in overcoming obstacles of the health care system and enabling people to live the healthiest life possible. Her ambitions for patients include extensive plans that promote healing and restoration.

Her expertise in medicine results from lifetime medical pursuit, hospital stays and care of loved ones since early childhood. Michelle constantly read and critiqued medical books, data and incorporated medical research in assignments from elementary school. Michelle consistently chased medicine and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing. Certification as a Registered Nurse led to experience, management, and specialized care.

Michelle’s earliest professional specialties include: Neonatal Intensive Care, Acute Care, Traumatic Injury, Pediatrics, and Family practice. Continued quest for ability to heal led to a Master of Science Degree from Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing and further certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Today, Michelle continues advanced training in: Integrative and Functional Medicine, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Personal and Work-Related Injury, Stem Cell Therapy, Orthopedics, Cancer treatment, surgery, certifications as a First Assistant and Emergency Medicine. She continues to give patients options in their unique treatment. Michelle is known by patients and colleagues to investigate root causes of slight symptoms to severe illness. Continuous study of worldwide healing, constant research, reviews of current/groundbreaking treatment modalities and alternative treatments also promotes patients in the restoration process as they can weigh options and plan.

When Michelle is not reading about latest medical advances, she is catering to her four children, and their pursuits of excellence. She often finds herself treated to a ridiculous number of school plays, performances, and sporting events. Michelle’s lack of free time is related to a passion for coaching gymnastics, spending time outdoors, snow skiing, and winning tennis matches; all the better if her vivacious children are involved.

Michelle is available for marketing, speaking engagements, writing projects and special consultations.

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